Services for flow diagnosis

Our services for laseroptical flow measurement (LDV, PIV and others) are based on a modular concept.

They consist of:

  • Analysing the problem and building a concept for measurements
  • Adaption and providing the needed measurement technology
  • Realization of the measurements
  • Discussion and evaluation of the measured data

Examples of realized projects:

 LDV applications:

  • Calibration of standard flow meters (impeller anemometer, hot-wire anemometer,...)
  • Analysis of flow conditions in pipes
  • Measurement of flow velocities in chemical reaction vessels
  • Mesasurements of bondary layer flows
  • Measurements for optimization of a channel geometry
  • Analysis of flow conditions in hot air channels and
  • high precision measurements of the circumferential speed of mechanical clocks.

PIV applications:

  • Studies to optimize the aerodynamics of vehicles (cars, rail vehicles, aircrafts)
  • Efficiency analysis of air-conditioning in vehicles
  • Visualization and quantification of air flow for compliance of legal requirements (e. g. pharma and food market)
  • Analysis of flow velocities in miniaturized assemblies (e. g. micro channels)
  • Measurements for optimizing of medical models (e. g. heart valve models)
  • Research fo optimizing air flow in folia extrusion lines and
  • Measurements for flow conditioning in separator mills.

 Selected references:

Our Measurement services

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Measurement principle of LDV

The principle is suitable for punctiform measurements of more dimensional velocities.

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Measurement principle of PIV

The principle is suitable for the determination of the velocity distribution in fluids.

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