PIV systems

There are several light sources (Laser) of all leadings providers to customize your system for your specific needs.

LPS - LED Pulsing System

Because of a change from classic Laser as light source to some LED technology,the costs for this PIV system are much lower. Especially for teaching develloped, there is also no laser safety needed.

Data sheet ILA 5150

Data sheet ILA R&D


The standar PIV system includes one camera and allows the measurement of two-dimensional flow velocities.

Synchronizer & Software

Synchronizer und PIV Software are main components of a PIV system.Therefore, these components are developed and built in-house or at our partner company ILA GmbH.

Software PIVlab

... for 2D analysis of PIV recordings. Developed by our team. 

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... for flexible control of laser and cameras.

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Cameras and lenses

There are several CCD and CMOS cameras in our portfolio. As lenses we recommend CANON products.


With sCMOS cameras are bigger light sheets and less blooming possible in contrast of CCD seonsors.

Data sheet


Small but powerful -  the camera impresses with a small and compact design, but also with the highest quantum efficiency of the PIV market.

Data sheet

pco.panda 26 DS

Flexible and compact - Optional very high resolutions and a small minimum pulse spacing make this camera very attractive for PIV applications..

Data sheet

Light sheet optics


... ... cost effective light section optics for variable light sections.

Data sheet - tbd


LSO standard

... for variable light sheets with several divergence and thickness.

Data sheet

Articulated mirror arm with 6 mirrors

... for flexible positioning of the laser regarding the PIV measurement area.

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PIV measurement principle

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Services with PIV

you are more interested in a service with PIV? Then please have a look at the flow diagnostics section.

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Equipment technology accessories

You need accessories like traverses, window chambers etc.? Take a look at our accessories section..

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