SimpleSync is a synchronizer for controlling a double pulse laser and a camera from PIVlab.
Setup using a double pulse Nd:YAG Laser.
Simple control of the PIV experiment from PIVlab.
Screenshot: Flow analysis in PIVlab.

SimpleSync synchronizes the laser pulses of a double-pulse Nd:YAG laser (e.g. Quantel Evergreen) with a double-frame camera (e.g. pco panda 26 DS). This synchronizer is controlled directly from PIVlab, making PIV studies very comfortable and easy (see video below).

PIVlab is an easy-to-use Matlab toolbox that calculates velocities in image data (movies, pictures). It uses a method called 'Particle Image Velocimetry'. This method is typically used to calculate velocities in fluids, but there are also many other possibilities. PIVlab is developed by our employee William Thielicke.

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Data sheet Synchronizer

PIVlab MATLAB Toolbox

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