PIVlabs popularity increases every year: The image shows the occurrence of keywords in research papers.
The user interface of PIVlab.
Hardware can be controlled directly from PIVlab.
Setup of PIV hardware with PIVlab.

PIVlab is an easy-to-use Matlab toolbox that calculates velocities in image data (movies, pictures). It uses a method called 'Particle Image Velocimetry'. This method is typically used to calculate velocities in fluids, but there are also many other possibilities. PIVlab is developed by our employee William Thielicke. If you have specific requirements for this software, please feel free to contact us.

OPTOLUTION supports the software development of PIVlab. Naturally, the software will always be free in the future. OPTOLUTION offers additional hardware for PIVlab, making PIVlab the most simple to use PIV measurement suite. Our pulsed laser diodes, synchronizers, several cameras and the seeding generator can be remote controlled directly from PIVlab.

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