Full PIV systems

We offer full Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) systems, adapted to your needs. These example systems are suitable for different applications, ranging from low-cost PIV systems for water and air to high-end Nd:YAG double-pulse lasers for large-scale, high velocity measurements in water and air.

Low-cost PIV system (water)

PIV in water up to 1000 Hz, 5W pulsed laser diode incl. synchronizer, camera, software and particles More information

Low-cost PIV system (air)

PIV in air up to 15 Hz, 40 W pulsed laser diode array incl. synchronizer, seeding generator, camera and software More information

Standard PIV system (air)

PIV in air up to 15 Hz, Nd:YAG double-pulses laser, synchronizer, seeding generator, camera and software More information

Light sources

We offer all kinds of lasers from leading manufacturers, as well as low-cost solutions manufactured by OPTOLUTION.

Pulsed laser diodes

Pulsed laser diodes with 5, 20 or 40 Watts are a suitable low-cost illumination source for many PIV studies. 

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LPS - LED Pulsing System

LED light sources help to reduce the cost of PIV systems.

Data sheet ILA 5150

Data sheet ILA R&D

Double-pulse Nd:YAG systems

We offer a wide range of laser illumination systems suitable for your needs. Contact us


Synchronizers are a key component of PIV systems. We develop several components ourselves, but also work in close cooperation with our partner company ILA 5150 GmbH.


... is a synchronizer for synchronizing cameras and lasers. It is controlled from PIVlab.

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Synchronizer v2 and SigMa

... for flexible control of laser and cameras. Made for ultra-fast events and demanding tasks.

Data sheet


OPTOLUTION supports the development of PIVlab, a free 2D/2C PIV toolbox for MATLAB. Additional PIV software is available too.



... a free MATLAB toolbox for analyzing 2D/2C PIV images and for controlling hardware.

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For measuring all three velocity components, we offer solutions from our partner company ILA5150. Contact us


Cameras and lenses

We offer several CCD and CMOS cameras from pco and ILA 5150.

OPTOcam 2/80

An affordable and complete PIV camera with 2.3 MP, 160 fps and 51 µs interframe time.

Data sheet


One of the most advanced PIV cameras. Short interframing time (200 ns) and 16 bit dynamic range.

Data sheet


Small but powerful -  the camera impresses with a small and compact design, but also with the highest quantum efficiency of the PIV market.

Data sheet

pco.panda 26 DS

Flexible and compact - High resolution and a small interframing time make this camera very attractive for PIV applications.

Data sheet

Lens Control

Controls focus and aperture wirelessly from PIVlab. Incl. auto-focus, lighting and roll / pitch measurement. More information

Light sheet optics


... cost effective, straightforward light sheet optics.

Data sheet


LSO standard

... for variable light sheets with several divergence angles and parallel light sheet option.

Data sheet

Articulated mirror arm with 6 mirrors

... for convenient positioning of the light sheet.

Data sheet

Seeding generators

Seeding generator OPTOLUTION

... is a cost-effective seeding generator for DEHS and PIVlight in air.

Data sheet

PIV measurement principle

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Services with PIV

Are you interested in a measurement service with PIV? Then please have a look at the flow diagnostics section.

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You need accessories like traversing systems, window chambers etc.? Take a look at our accessories section:

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