Additional accessories for our laseroptical techniques

Our partner for equipment technology is the company ILA R&D GmbH and ILA 5150 GmbH. Together, we work in a close cooperation. For Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein we are your exclusive contact.

Traversing systems

Our traversing systems are customized solutions. DC motors of MAXON MOTORS will be mainly used for these systems. Their characteristics are a high precision, reliability and reproducibility.

Traversing unit

... for positioning of optical components via several axes, e. g. LDV probes, over specific distances.

Data sheet

Traversing controller

... for control of up to four different axes, communicates via ethernet.

Data sheet

Window chambers

There are several different types of window chambers. Together we can find the ideal optical access for your experimental setup.

Window chambers

... for optical access for LDV and PIV measurements, e. g. at pipes, realized as a patented modular system.

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Other Accessories

For seeding purpose of fluids there are several materials. For laser safety you can also find here the right glasses and tools.

Seeding material

... for seeding of gases and liquid fluids (e. g. DEHS and silver-coated glas spheres).

Data sheet DEHS


Data sheet glas spheres

Partikel generators

... for targeted vaporisation of the seeding material in gases.

Data sheet ILA Tec 45

Data sheet ILA Tec 12

Laser safety glases for protection and adjustment and other laser protection installations

On request - please inform us about your requests.

Your contact person

Dr. Ulrich Müller