Low-cost particle image velocimetry (PIV) system

Screenshot: Flow analysis in PIVlab.
With some additional hardware, PIVlab can control the laser and the camera.
A low-cost pulsed laser was designed for PIVlab.
The required hardware (camera, laser, PIVlab-Simple-Sync) is available at OPTOLUTION.
Performing PIV analyses has never been so easy.

PIVlab is an easy-to-use Matlab toolbox that calculates velocities in image data (movies, pictures). It uses a method called 'Particle Image Velocimetry'. This method is typically used to calculate velocities in fluids, but there are also many other possibilities. PIVlab is developed by our employee William Thielicke. If you have specific requirements for this software, please feel free to contact us.

Here at OPTOLUTION, we have enhanced PIVlab with the possibility to directly capture images in the PIVlab GUI. Additionally, PIVlab can control the timing of the whole system and control the laser, making PIVlab the most simple to use PIV measurement suite. The required additional hardware (camera, laser, synchronizer) is available at OPTOLUTION.

For a complete, low-cost PIV System, you will need the following components:

* MATLAB with the MATLAB Image processing toolbox
* Optional: Parallel computing toolbox to boost processing speed
* PIVlab (version 2.50 an higher) for the analysis of the data
* PIVlab SimpleSync wireless synchronizer to control Laser and camera
* OPTOLUTION LD-PS laser or double-pulsed-laser (e.g. Quantel Evergreen 70)
* Camera (e.g. pco.panda 26 DS)
* Light sheet optics (e.g. LSO OPTOLUTION)
* Particles or seeding generator (e.g. Seeding Generator OPTOLUTION)

Information and downloads for PIVlab:

Data Sheet Synchronizer

MATLAB Toolbox

Your contact person:

Dr. Ulrich Müller