Our instruments for Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) / Laser Doppler Anemometrie (LDA)

Our partner for LDV equipment technology is the company ILA R&D GmbH. Together, we work in a close cooperation. For Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein we are your exclusive contact.

LDV systems

Our LDV probes differ in used light sources, possible working distances (from 10 mm up to 800 mm), shift or unshift (detecting sense of direction) and the number of simultaneously measured velocity components.

LDV probe 1D fp40

Small, compact and unshifted system with laser diode.


LDV probe 1D fp50 shift

The possible light sources for the fp50 probe (shifted and unshifted) are Nd:YAG laser or HeNe laser.


LDV probe 2D fp50 shift

Two Nd:YAG laser are used for the shifted 2D LDV system.


LDV profile sensor

The profile sensor uses two Nd:YAG lasers and reaches a highly precise local resolution of velocity measurements up to 1% of the measurement volume (e.g. 10 μm).


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2D-LDV Long Range Optics

Das 2D-LDV Long Range System ermöglicht große Arbeitsabstände bei einer dennoch kleinen Messvolumengröße.


LDV controller

... with laser control and power supply, receiving element and filter banks, communication via ethernet.

Software for LDV applications

In context of LDV measurements there is various software for different purpose. The main topics are using the LDV system, raytracing and evalutation of the measured data.

LDV Software

For using the LDV systems.


A Software for data evaluation and calculation of performance indicators.

Raytracing Software

A software for calculation of the ray tracing of the laser beams for using traversing systems, e. g. for measurements in pipes.

LDV specific accessoires and services

LDV velocity standard for on-site tests

A small compact device for testing plausibility of your LDV measurements on-site.


Mechanical laser shutter system (Interlock)

A device for laser safety for working in front of the laser probes without switching the laser off.


Calibration and traceability

Our systems could be calibrated at ILA GmbH or traced at PTB Braunschweig (National Metrology Institute of Germany). Please contact us for further information.

Measurement principle of LDV

The principle is suitable for punctiform measurements of more dimensional velocities.

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Your contact person

Dr. Ulrich Müller